Friday, July 11, 2008

Covey's Seven Habits of Successful People

Many of you have heard references to Steven Covey's Seven Habits of Successful People, but few have spent much time studying them. Each of them have application to the work of SHOA, at both the personal and workplace level. To get you started, I've included them below.

More information can be found in Covey's book by that title, and in numerous discussions on the internet.

Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

1. Be Proactive
- personal vision
-are my actions based upon self-chosen values or upon my moods, feelings, and circumstances?

2. Begin With the End in Mind
-personal leadership
-have I written a personal mission statement which provides meaning, purpose, and direction to my life? Do my actions flow from my mission?

3. Put First Things First
-personal management
-am I able to say no to the unimportant, no matter how urgent, and yes to the important?

4. Think Win/Win
-interpersonal leadership
-do I seek mutual benefit in all interdependent relationships?

5. Seek First to Understand; Then To Be Understood
-empathetic communication
-do I avoid autobiographical responses and instead faithfully reflect my understanding of the other person before seeking to be understood?

6. Synergize
-creative cooperation
-do I value different opinions, viewpoints, and perspectives of others when seeking solutions?

7. Sharpen the Saw
-balanced self-renewal
-am I engaged in continuous improvement in the physical, mental, spiritual, and social/emotional dimensions of my life?

-Covey, Stephen R., The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

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