Thursday, June 19, 2008

Competencies for the Future

I have used a set of competencies for the future in assessing the likelihood of success for leaders of organizations, and thought readers might like to share this knowledge.

1. Results Orientation... working to achieve high levels of personal and organizational performance

2. Initiative... taking independent action and going beyond what the job or situation requires

3. Efficiency... finding ways to accomplish the most with the least amount of time and resources

4. Commitment/Persistence... being concerned with doing the job well and persevering in the face of obstacles or challenges

5. Thoroughness... making sure that work is done correctly, completely, and to the highest standards

6. Information Seeking... gathering current information about situations and getting the facts before making decisions

7. Process Thinking... taking a well‑ordered and systematic approach to analyzing problems, organizing work and planning action

8. Conceptual Thinking... identifying the key aspects of complex situations and understanding the big picture

9. Forward Thinking... anticipating and planning to deal with future events, problems and opportunities

10. Building Consensus... using collaborative approaches to build support for objectives

11. Political Astuteness... understanding how the influence process works in organizations and using it effectively

12. Relationship Building... developing and maintaining positive business relationships

13. Teamwork . cooperating positively with others to achieve a common purpose

14. Confidence/Assertiveness... demonstrating sell‑assurance in own ideas, judgments and capabilities

15. Giving Direction... Letting others know what is needed, and communicating standards and performance expectations

16. Providing Support... helping others while respecting their accomplishments, concerns and needs

17. Communication... speaking, writing and listening effectively

18. Interpersonal Perceptiveness... being aware of the feelings, attitudes, concerns and capabilities of others

19. Customer Orientation... anticipating and responding to the needs of internal and external customer/uses, and others he/she supports

20. Developing Others... providing assignments, guidance and feedback to improve others' performance

Ken Karch

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