Wednesday, June 18, 2008

SHOA Board Goals & Measures for 2008

On December 15, 2007 the SHOA Board adopted a set of nine Goals and 18 Measures for 2007-2008, as it has done in each of the last few years

The goals are typically set early in the life of the new Board, and performance reviewed against them in June, in time to report to the membership at the Annual Members’ meeting in July

This year’s goals (not in any order) include covenant enforcement; improved use of volunteers; building trust and satisfaction, limiting budget increases; improving maintenance of SHOA assets; replacing the footbridges; improving operational efficiencies; improving waterways, and improving our water system.

A complete set of goals and measures is shown below.

SHOA Organizational Alignment – 2007-2008 Goals - Adopted 12/15/07

Goal (in bold type) and Measures

Covenant Enforcement - Board adopt policies for majority of key covenant provisions by 7/1/08 and SHOA attain & maintain 90% closure rate on complaints within 6 months

Improve Use of Volunteers - SHOA develop & maintain inventory of volunteers; skills; interests; history, and Board recognize active volunteers in annual recognition event

Build Trust & Satisfaction - Board secure member feedback on needs & wants annually (Identify important issues) and Board secure member feedback on satisfaction with Board priorities & results (Meet important issues)

Limit Budget - SHOA update Schwindt study; conform current asset plan to it and Board set 2008 & beyond budget goals based on operational and capital reserve needs

Improve Maintenance of Assets - Board adopt & implement SHOA asset maintenance plan by 4/1/08 and SHOA prepare performance report on asset maintenance by 7/1/08

Replace Footbridges - Board complete footbridge replacement on time & on budget by 7/1/08 and SHOA institute maintenance plan for footbridges by 7/1/08

Improve Operational Efficiencies - SHOA adopt & implement improvement plans for 20 key business processes by 7/1/08 and SHOA adopt & implement improvement plans for 20 key operational processes by 7/1/08

Improve Waterways - Board adopt & implement waterway enhancement plan by 4/1/08 and SHOA assess performance of plan activities by 7/1/08

Improve Water System - SHOA complete 6-Year Water Plan by 4/1/08 and SHOA integrate 6-Year Water Plan elements into Asset/Facilities Management Plan and Board set 6 Key Water System Improvement Goals by 4/1/08 (eg., re metering; water conservation; cross-connection control; hydrant replacement; shallow well future; generator protection, etc.)

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